Thursday, 22 March 2012

Pubic Hair

I've recently been looking into the views of Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem, who is to women's rights as Nick Griffin is to multiculturalism, as he's speaking at Sheffield Hallam Islamic Society next week on, ahem, woman's rights in Islam. And while I could write an entire dissertation on the man's variety of views, resembling a pick'n'mix of hate, a selection box of contempt, a multi-pack of loathing, (available here and here one thing that sprung out was his opinions on pubic hair.

Scanning through his videos, this gem popped up. "Eyebrows?" I thought. "Surely he doesn't have an opinion on them?"

It turns out that he does,  and also on, erm, other hair. Watch this video again, while keeping in mind that this old man shaves his balls. Go on. Do it.

That was fun, wasn't it?

Obviously Hakeem is a massive bellend, and I thought a lifetime of not seeing women, listening to music, or masturbating might have finally pushed him across the border to loopy land. So I Googled it, and lo and behold, the first result:

To save you the trouble of reading it, a concerned Mulism (or an atheist pissing himself laughing) has asked for specific information on shaving the following areas: penis, scrotum, anus, Thighs - the part around the penis and scrotum and their extent as some say we need to go down till the knees [very specific??], The area in between the scrotum and the anus [This is getting pretty graphic. Once you're onto parts of the body that don't have a name, it's surely not worth worrying about?], The hips near the anus and the part further away, The part which is below the belly button and above the penis.

I'm beginning to pity this guy. He's so brainwashed that he's gone on the internet to ask a stranger which parts of his genitals he should be shaving from fear of divine retribution. Particularly when he asks if he has to start shaving from the right hand side. "Is it my right, or the right from Allah's perspective??"

Admittedly, the reply simply says he should shave his pubes in a pretty self-explanatory way "like you would remove the hair in and around the armpits." Yeah cheers, I'll just do what I do when I remove my armpit hair.

I'm a liberal. I think people should be able to believe and say whatever they want. But is it just me who thinks that people believe a deity gives a rat's (shaved) ass about their pubic hair have either been ludicrously brainwashed, are trying to manipulate others, or are in complete denial about the stupidity of what they're doing?

When Kim Jong Il died I read/heard something about the crazy stories about Kim's birth and life. An "expert" of some kind was asked whether Koreans actually believed these things. He replied that even if they don't, if you can make people say they believe such preposterous things you've dominated them psychologically to such an extent that you eliminate all resistance. I can't help but think something similar's going on here. "If we get people to shave their pubes, we get them to do ANYTHING."

And while we're here, I came across this

Basically some guy mistakenly thought Muslims have to pee standing up. I don't know where to begin...

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