Thursday, 22 March 2012


Hi guys. I occasionally draw cartoons. As it turns out, I'm not a particularly good drawer or cartoon thinker-upper, but when has low quality ever stopped me from posting on here before? This is my equivalent of putting it on the fridge. (because it's where shitty drawings and stuff go, and because it's a place where only the people I live with will see it)
Dun this one recently. It's about economics or sumfin.

This is about British response to bad weather. Dun it during the snow.

Dun this one a few years ago when Rowan said we should adopt some Sharia law in UK. (

This was around the same time as the Sharia thing (2008ish?) when a woman had argued she should be allowed to wear a burka in a primary school. I thought it would be funny if a ventriloquist made a similar claim, but with hindsight I should have left out Darth Vader.

I dun this one in an EU lecture the other day on the Eurozone debt crisis and have now digitally rendered it for computer. Self explanatory.

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