Saturday, 23 July 2011

The 27 Club: Amy Winehouse

As many people, including, unbelievably, the BBC, were keen to point out, a number of popular singers have died at the age of 27. Those most frequently mentioned are Kurt Kobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin, with Amy Winehouse now being added to that list; a dubious honour.

This is clearly more than coincidence. It points to some sort of conspiracy. But it doesn't end here. Is it not odd, for example, that Tupac was 25 when he dies, 2 years younger than "the 27 Club"? Because if you multiply 25 by 2 you get 50, the age at which Michael Jackson died. And if you add the subraction of Tupac's age (25) from 27 (2) to the subtraction of Biggie's age (24) from 27 (3) you get 5. Subtract 5 from Michael Jackson's age (50) and you get 45, the age at which Freddie Mercury died. THIS CANNOT SIMPLY BE COINCIDENCE

Furthermore, if you add the difference between Freddie Mercury (45) and Michael Jackson (50), 5, to the difference between Biggie and Tupac's ages, 1, you get 6. Add 6 to 27 and you get 33, the age at which Stephen Gately died. CONSPIRACY??

If you take the difference in ages between Stephen Gately and Biggie, 9, and subtract it from Freddie Mercury's age, 45, you get 36, otherwise know as the age at which Marilyn Monroe died. THIS IS GETTING WEIRD

Finally, if you multiply the difference between Freddie and Michael plus the difference between Biggie and Tupac by the age of Michael, then add it to 33, the age of Stephen Gately, then multiply it by 2, the difference between Tupac and the "27 Club" you get....I warn you this is scary.........666


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