Sunday, 6 February 2011

Do Peas belong in a bowl?

I just watched the superbowl. Ok, so I only watched the half-time show. I don't know the rules, nor had I heard of either team, so it would have been a waste of electricity. But I did watch the half-time show, because the Black Eyed Peas are something of a specialist subject of mine.

Afterwards, Twitter was ablaze with the opinions of nobodies like myself on the performance, pretty evenly split between those who thought it had been conceived in the fiery bowels of Satan, and those who thought it was alright, and frankly I can see where both lots were coming from. On the one hand, it was an undeniably spectacular show, with what appeared to be oompa-loompas at Christmas prancing around, and what's not to love about Usher descending from the sky like a hip-hop angel?

But on the other hand, I think it's fair to say live vocals are not da Peaz (yes, I'm gangsta. What of it?) strong point. Despite criticism, I thought Fergie sounded, well, Fergalicious, and managed to hold her own vocally. And the older numbers like 'Where is the Love' and 'Pump It' sounded good, but the problem is, songs from the E.N.D and The Beginning tend to have been auto-tuned so much that the original sound is completely lost,  so even if they give a strong vocal performance it sounds nothing like the original song. 4 mediocre vocalists trying to imitate R2D2 at the opera is not going to produce results that are easy-on-the-ear. Having said that, Will and Apl didn't give strong vocal performances by any standard, and managed the difficult feat of rapping out-of-tune. To be fair, there were, apparently, some technical difficulties, but you can't deny that they should probably stick to the recording studio, where their voices can be regulated before being inflicted on unwitting viewers. Problematically, the person who booked them obviously didn't do their research. Watch any live BEP performance and it sounds like that. It's should have been expected.

Whoever is in charge of the BEP Twitter account had a tough job retweeting positive comments, because I'm guessing they had to sift through the less positive ones first. In the name of unbiased media I will now share some of my favourite...less positive comments:

I'm afraid if the Superbowl is being broadcast into space, aliens will interpret this Black Eyed Peas performance as an act of war.

If mubarak was smart he'd have gotten the Black Eyed Peas to empty out Tahrir Square two weeks ago

The Black Eyed Peas had the worst half-time show ever. I think my ears are still bleeding.

If fergie yells in the microphone one more time my face will explode into a million pieces


Can fergie have a technical malfunction and lose her microphone?

After the ' halftime show performance, all 4 members have been arrested and charged with Cruel & Unusual punishment

This one takes the biscuit:

I'm not sure who has caused more damage to America; BP orBEP?

Edit:I forgot this one:

This is like a Nazi rally but with worse music. 

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