Sunday, 30 January 2011

A Short Science-Fiction Story

"He put the object into the gleaming white, metallic receptacle. He operated the controls, bending the machine's actions to his will. It started to hum in a long, droning buzz, and slowly but surely, the object inside began to turn. He paused. Had he done it right? The slightest error could be catastrophic. He peered in nervously. An ethereal mist was rising up through the central chamber. As the machine's process continued, a strange, artificial odour reached his nostrils.
Finally the rotation ended, and a series of electronic beeps informed him that the process had terminated, as the inside of the machine went dark. He opened the door and cautiously removed the highly-polished white disc, setting it aside. He extracted two metallic implements from a sliding compartment, sat down, and ate his dinner, wishing he had paid more attention in cookery lessons."

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